5 years of gr8 agency. A masterclass in change management.

  • Berry van Nes
  • 15 / 09 / 2022
Leestijd: 4 min

This year marks 5 years as a content marketing agency. 5 years. They have flown by. Perhaps because so much has changed in those 5 years. That's probably true of every entrepreneur & business. Covid pushed us all into a mode of change and adaptation. Whether you wanted to or not, it became a master class in change management. At breakneck speed. We too experienced our challenges on staffing, on new processes, new ways of working together and on what we really value in work and life now. Of course, the effects of Covid have not been positive for many companies. But for gr8, the end result is an agency with greater adaptability, better able to respond to what is happening in the world. And with a 'product', content marketing, that has become indispensable for building and maintaining a connection with audiences: the people who matter to you.

Covid made the importance of content marketing visible

In a time of uncertainty and change, there is precisely a need for certainty. A fixed beacon. A familiar face. A brand you can count on. Brands that had their affairs in order were such a steady beacon, even during and after the Covid pandemic. They gave their audience that oh-so-important familiar, familiar feeling. They kept the connection alive no matter what. How and why?

  • With a good brand strategy, you know what your brand stands and goes for. What your unique place is in the market and what makes you different. That gives you a foothold in your communication. You stay on course. And you can really use that, especially in turbulent times. Not only for your own organization, especially for the outside world.
  • Content marketing works from a very clear starting point: how are you relevant to your audience? How are you meaningful and responsive to the interests of the people you want to reach? This goes beyond a commercial ad or semi-funny social media catch-up. By immersing yourself well in your audience, you can build a much closer relationship than your competitor who stays on the surface.
  • Content marketing ensures continuous presence on multiple channels. You are always where your audience is. You are always on. Just like your audience. This is also why many organizations outsource their content marketing. Or should. From a content marketing agency, you can demand continuous presence and not depend on staffing in your marketing department.
  • Inspire, entertain, inform. But do it in a way that attracts your audience. Distinctive and impactful. Inextricably linked to your brand's DNA. This also allows you to respond faster to current events and win the race for attention from your competitor. Simply because you know what you connect with your audience with.

Embrace change

The past few years have been an era of change. And looking at what is going on in the world right now, it will stay that way for some time to come. So consider the following cliché: it is not the biggest or strongest who wins. But the one who can best adapt to change. My plea to get started with content marketing needs no further emphasis, I think.

I am incredibly grateful to everyone who has played a role in the past 5 years. Colleagues, former colleagues, clients, photographers, filmmakers, designers, and all other partners. Thank you for your contribution. It's a gr8 ride together.

Then to the now. I am incredibly proud of the team that is here now. Colleagues who have fun, knowledge, and contagious energy to work every day to learn, grow and perform together. A team with which we can master every change and challenge. And with which we can help organizations to strengthen their connection with their audiences. So that they too can weather a storm. On to the next 5 years of 'Great brands tell gr8 stories'!