We help you create a rock-solid strategy for your brand stories.

Brand and content strategy

The success of your communication stands or falls by founding a strong strategy. It begins with defining appropriate premises. Whether it concerns your brand, your target audience or your content, strategic frameworks are essential when making informed choices. Only then can you create, as we refer to it, gr8 stories for your brand.

Our content strategists will help you create these frameworks. We take a pragmatic approach. No lengthy theoretical reports that end up in the filing cabinet but practical sessions and recommendations that can be immediately implemented.  Through interviews and workshops, we connect to your practice and ensure broad support within your organization. Together, we lay a solid foundation for successful communication and the building of a strong brand.

You will find more information below about how we can make the various strategic choices for and, above all, with you.

Together, we define the strategic frameworks you can build upon.

Merel de Bruijn - Content Strategist

Brand strategy

A strong brand is built on a healthy foundation. Competitively positioned, relevant to your audience. As brand builders, we have the expertise to assist you in these matters. We start by determining your brand DNA, or: your brand identity. It shows who you are, what you stand for and what you have to offer. The archetype theory helps in this regard: what are the primary characteristics of your brand? We also establish the brand key, with which we zoom in on your brand essence. Where necessary, we conduct market research, competitive analyses and environmental analyses. This provides insight into the players and developments around you. And your possibilities and opportunities within them.

Audience groups

Equally important: is determining your target group(s), or your 'audience'. Because only when you know what they want to hear and see from you can you become genuinely relevant. We will help you achieve this by means of an audience analysis, adopting the Motivaction's Mentality model for example. A unique segmentation tool that allows you to define and better understand your target groups. We will research what really interests your audience and where the connection with your brand lies.

As suchwe can determine how you can play a relevant role in their lifestyle and customer journey. We find out what motivates and inspires them, so you can communicate this in a targeted fashion and better align your message to their needs. Without these insights, you risk this becoming a mass approach, one where your message misses its target.

Brand stories

As a brand, you want to be able to communicate coherently. This makes you recognizable to your audience, allowing you to build a rapport with them more quickly. A brand story provides guidance. It is the communicative translation of the brand identity, explaining the why, how, and what using a unique tone of voice. Credible and appealing, straight from the heart. It is the story behind a brand, describing the core of why you do what you do, but in a way that truly resonates with people.

A successful brand story takes you into the world behind your brand and perfectly conveys what your brand stands for. Every word counts. Such a brand story is the basis for the following phases of content marketing: it provides direction to the content you will create next. See it as a content creation compass. Having created a strong brand story, you not only reach the target audience, but it also serves as the basis for all the stories you will continue to create and tell, and further, provides a framework for all that you do.

Whenever your message is low-cost, attention becomes expensive.

Content Strategy

Now that we have established the foundation for the brand, we can determine the content strategy. Your content strategy is an important starting point for creating content. We will help define how content will assist you in attracting a larger and more engaged audience for your brand. It starts with the setting of objectives. Where is your target destination? When will you have achieved your goal?

This is followed by translating these objectives into all matters related to content strategy. What channels become apparent, what messages, and how will we position ourselves in the market? Does your audience require informative blogs and newsletters, or entertaining videos? Do we need a frontman or ambassador to credibly convey your story.? The content strategy is the foundation for making your brand maximally relevant to your audience. This is the basis for fleshing out your quarterly and annual calendars.

Content Themes and Pillars

Once the content strategy is in place, we can start fleshing it out in specific terms making use of themes and pillars. This is where we determine the topics we aim to communicate on, and how we intend to distribute them internally. One topic is often more important than another. These themes and pillars provide structure for the deployment of your resources and the messages therein. It ensures that your communication is focused on results.