We help you create brand stories that resonate with your target audience.

Concept and content creation

Once you've developed a solid strategy, it's then time to start creating content. Our 'Create team' is responsible for producing content. Creative ideas are formulated by our concept makers, insightful articles are written by our brand journalists, captivating designs are drafted by our designers and external productions (e.g., film and photography) coordinated by our content managers. The team comprises different specialists who complement each other seamlessly. This is how we ensure that everything we create is exactly in line with the strategic frameworks and contributes to achieving the objectives. In simple terms: we create content that tells the right story.

See below for more information concerning the different types of content we create.

I am constantly striving to come up with surprising perspectives.

Valerie den Ridder - Copywriter

Social content

On social media, you only have a split second to grab your audience's attention. The fitting combination of visuals and text is therefore crucially important. After all, without gaining attention, you will never have the opportunity to tell your story. On the other hand, it is important to tell the right story. Creation is therefore an essential skill for success on social media. The fleeting nature of the medium on the one hand, and the opportunity to delve deeper on the other, make it an engaging and dynamic channel. Our social media specialists create content that resonates with your audience. We are 'always switched on'.


With content, you will be active all year round, as your audience never stops consuming media. So, 365 days a year, you have the opportunity to embed your brand story into the minds of your target audience. However, you won't always tell the same story in the same way. That would inevitably cause you to lose the interest and attention of your audience. Campaigns are therefore necessary to emphasize certain aspects, launch products, achieve a long reach, or respond to seasonal influences. Campaigns with their own objectives and KPIs. Compelling and effective concepts presented and rolled out to various media channels.


However challenging it may be to earn and retain the attention of your target audience, slow media consumption remains relevant. And it is becoming an increasingly valuable way to reach and engage your target audience, as it offers a welcome moment of calm and depth. Magazines (both online and print versions) give you the opportunity to strengthen the experience around your brand. And to build thought leadership, brand preference, and engagement with your target audience. But here too, relevance is everything! Without a competitive strategy and content that is perfectly tailored to your audience, investing in a magazine is simply a waste of money. Fortunately, at gr8 we all know what we're doing. With our journalistic approach and experience in creating content that resonates, we ensure that your content seamlessly connects with your target audience. We take the entire production of the magazine off your hands. And further, we create, monitor, and optimize effective campaigns for the appropriate traffic. This ensures that your branded magazine will not go unnoticed.

Bring your brand to life with a keen and compelling brand story.


A website is more than just an online signboard. It should be a digital home for your organization's stories. Technically 100% correct and substantively capable of enticing your audience into a relationship with your brand.

With the new cookie legislation in sight, it is becoming increasingly important to collect your own data. Here, web content plays a crucial role. From blog to video and from news update to brand story: every form of content offers you the opportunity to collect data, learn about the target group and thus strengthen the relationship with your audience. It is therefore essential that this content connects with the target audience's customer journey: bring on those clicks and views!

gr8 helps you define a smart web strategy, develop the UX design and wireframes and create the content, both in terms of copy and images. We also take care of the technical realisation, in collaboration with our experienced partners. Accordingly, the websites we supply are not only 100% correct in terms of content and technology, but also meet the requirements of the new cookie legislation and other relevant laws and regulations.

Blogs and newsletters

Every organization has its own unique expertise, vision, character or solution. Blogs and newsletters are a great way to share this with your target group. And to take steps to captivate and engage your audience. Our copywriters know how to do this well. We take a journalistic approach to creating this content. We not only look at what the client wants to "send," but also to what the recipient requires. What do they need? Is it, for instance, "bagging inspiration," "learning something new," or "being entertained"?

The biggest advantage of writing blogs and newsletters: you have much more "space" to tell your story. And to explain your specific expertise, vision and added value, in a tone and manner that suits you. Our 'brand journalists' know how to master new material, however complex, very quickly, and to write about the most diverse subjects. The content we create is of a high standard and contributes to our clients' thought leadership.