Results in the field

Every organization has its stories. Profit or non-profit, B2B or B2C. Our client portfolio is therefore broad, the assignments diverse. But there is always one common denominator: we write stories that appeal to the preferred audience. Using the examples of our case studies, we would like to reflect with you on our daily practice and the results we achieve.

International launch of Bostik's new range of craft adhesives

Easy & Fun: inspiring worldwideNew products and new designs that better meet the wishes and needs of the target group(s). With Bostik's updated ra...

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From Producer to Global Brand - The Bostik Brand Movie

A new chapter was recently added to Bostik's brand story: a brand new Brand Movie. For both the strategic approach, film creation and launch of the mo...

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John West is going well. Very well.

Relevance. It hasn't been a buzzword in marketing for a long time. But naming it is still a very different thing than being it. How do you be or becom...

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Carlton Oasis: Rebranding of iconic hotel

1 hotel, 3 worlds of experience. How do you do that? The audience is central to every brand story. However, for not every brand, that audience is e...

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Bredata: Breda on course to become the most digitally inclusive city in the Netherlands

Digitization and "smart city" are hot topics. Also in Breda. Not for nothing, because digital innovations can offer new solutions for social issues, a...

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Plant focus on Region Deal West Brabant application

In a submitted Region Deal, West Brabant is asking the state for support for broad prosperity. As a means, it is betting on the plant-based region. Af...

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Merk-Echt is putting itself on the map with enterprising Netherlands

A strong brand starts with a strong foundation. Merk-Echt had that in place. But it lacked an energetic and inspiring brand story. gr8 wrote this 'man...

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Wave breakers: GGD West Brabant looks back on one year of corona

A special milestone was reached in March this year: the corona virus had been in our country for a year. Time to look back: news clips and quotes from...

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Jos Poell claims thought leadership with online magazine 'Toast'

For Jos Poell, we went to work on the online magazine 'Toast' - an ownable content hub, brimming with content written from consumer insight and using...

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How 'the sportiest hotel in the Netherlands' took shape online for HUP

Carlton de Brug became HUP hotel, a big shift from traditional and comfortable to the sportiest hotel in the Netherlands. gr8 agency supported in tail...

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