Merk-Echt is putting itself on the map with enterprising Netherlands

A strong brand starts with a strong foundation. Merk-Echt had that in place. But it lacked an energetic and inspiring brand story. gr8 wrote this 'manifesto' and helped translate it into online (social) content.

Think | the strategy

Merk-Echt first examined the brand positioning internally. What are our drivers and core values? What do we believe in? But also: what does the target group look like, which choices do we dare to make and what can and will we promise them? Based on the conclusions, gr8 set to work on the brand story: one appealing brand story about the why, how and what. Nice and to the point but still comprehensive. The brand story had to set the tone for the online content of Merk-Echt and the branding campaign for radio and print.

Create | the content

We renamed the brand story to 'manifesto': a promise to enterprising Holland, which Merk-Echt fully believes in and goes for. Signed by 'The brand guardians': a recognizable term that we also used in our other (campaign) communication. The manifesto got an important spot on the Merk-Echt website. The website copy was also revised by gr8, in accordance with the brand positioning.

Publish | the result

Merk-Echt is able to profile itself more sharply and recognizably, both through its own (social) channels and in campaigns. In addition, we wrote SEO-optimized content on its own channels so that Merk-Echt will also make great strides in organic searches.

Merk-Echt - Copy website