John West is going well. Very well.

Relevance. It hasn't been a buzzword in marketing for a long time. But naming it is still a very different thing than being it. How do you be or become relevant? As a brand, how do you play a meaningful role in the lives of your audience? How are you a true source of inspiration? And if you are relevant, does that do anything for your brand or sales?

Recapture market leadership and become the absolute No. 1. That was John West's ambition. By putting the consumer at the center of everything it took, this ambition has since been realized. From category management to NPD to packaging and, indeed, content marketing. Maximum relevance was sought from all disciplines. And that approach is yielding success. From visibility to rock-solid turnover. To say that John West is doing well is an understatement ... ;-)

The essence of content marketing is that all content is precisely tailored to the audience groups. Only then do you become relevant and play a significant role. That said, as a brand, you want (or perhaps should) work from a central theme. In the case of John West: how do we make it clear that with John West (fish at its best), you can vary deliciously and easily and that it fits perfectly into an active, healthy lifestyle.

Think | the strategy

To ensure that all content, from hero to hub to hygiene, have the same message and load the same feel, we work from a central content theme. This theme breathes John West's positioning. From John West's mission statement 'Healthy living, healthy oceans,' we looked for maximum relevance for consumers and came up with:

'Whatever moves you, with John West you're going to be good!'

With this concept, we translated it into storylines for John West's different audience groups. After all, a young family finds very different things important in their lives than a senior couple. To be relevant, we literally look at what motivates each audience group and where and how John West plays a natural, logical role in that. Important here: with the introduction of Twist, John West aims to appeal to a younger user base and attract new buyers to the category.

Create | the content

With John West's positioning, a relevant content theme and a clear picture of the audience groups, we set to work translating it into content. Important and sensible: a brand campaign and product launch can go together perfectly in this.

Each audience group has been given its own "face;". You want to be able to identify with someone who is like you and/or someone who is a role model for you. For some time now we have been working with influencer Elsbeth Teeling of the Club of Relaxed Mothers. Like no other she knows how to combine a busy work life with her family and stay relaxed under it. A sporting daughter, an active son and of course she herself wants to stay fit. That's why it's important for them to eat healthy food, preferably not too complicated and something everyone likes: they go with John West!

In order to appeal to the young target group and to show how relevant John West is when you exercise (a lot), Keet Oldenbeuving is involved as an ambassador for John West. Keet is an Olympic athlete as of this summer because she will represent the Netherlands in her discipline skateboarding in Tokyo! The natural protein in John West's fish is important for her muscles and recovery. Keet inspires young athletes and shows what perseverance is as a real top athlete.

John West (and certainly the new product John West Twist) is a perfect fit for young, working people. Luca shows that it is very easy and delicious to cook with John West. Even if you have little time and still want to make very healthy choices. Twist is the tastemaker in every meal and for the first time in a handy stand-up pouch. Sports chef Erik te Velthuis created recipes that are perfect for anyone who is active, has a busy life and wants to eat healthy.

Publish | the results

The advice of media agency Stroom led to the use of a TV billboard for wide reach and online videos with to reach all personas (hub) from their own relevance. In addition, the campaign can be seen in advertorials and ads in retail magazines. Also not unimportant is the hygiene content layer in social media. There we inspire with tasty and healthy applications.

With this thoroughly integrated campaign, we are succeeding in profiling John West more and more emphatically as a modern and relevant food brand. That perfectly matches the eating patterns of contemporary consumers. You could almost say that the brand has thus transcended the image of the canned category....