Plant focus on Region Deal West Brabant application

In a submitted Region Deal, West Brabant is asking the state for support for broad prosperity. As a means, it is betting on the plant-based region. After all, West Brabant has unique plant-based DNA. Traditionally, the region has provided food and plant-based raw materials. Among the other applications, you want to be visible and stand out. Preferably with something that has a strong link to the heritage. So we set to work. 

In the so-called Regio Deals, the national and regional governments work together on broad prosperity, such as security of existence, trust, a healthy living environment. How, why and where all the money is then deployed is detailed in the Region Deal application. The key? In the heritage of the region! Because West Brabant has a very powerful common denominator: it is the region where plant-based is deeply rooted in the DNA.

Vincent van Gogh saw centuries ago how man and plant are intertwined in West Brabant. And with him, many were inspired. We asked Breda artist Daan van Bommel to capture that symbolism; how man and nature merge. Not by looking back, but forward. Because together we flourish. But with one important condition: the artwork also had to be 100 percent plant-based!

The result? A one of a kind screenprint! A low edition, with its own serial number. With paint made from red coals from Brabant soil, citric acid and soda as a natural alkali for a natural color gradient, with screen printed on paper from tomato plants.

A work of art that captures the region and the future in a unique image. That, too, is storytelling!

Learn more about the Region Deal here

The ink experiment with plant-based materials by Daangenaam