International launch of Bostik's new range of craft adhesives

One creative concept direction for consumers around the world. How do you tackle that? As a global brand, Bostik launches the latest consumer range on a global scale, working from a centralised approach. After all, you want to tell a consistent story about your products from the brand.

That does present a challenge for marketing communications. Because how do you address such a large, diverse group of consumers with 1 creative concept direction?

Easy & Fun: inspiring worldwide

New products and new designs that better meet the wishes and needs of the target group(s). With Bostik's updated range of craft adhesives, tinkerers are inspired to create anything they have in mind. Not for nothing was the slogan ‘Easy & Fun’ created. Crafting has never been so accessible and so much fun!

The biggest challenge: the global scope of this launch.

You start such a challenge by thoroughly immersing yourself in the target groups. So we dived into their world. Who are they, what moves them and what relevant insights can we find? We translated these starting points into personas.

From pay-off to making an impact

We then set to work developing the brand story. In it, several components and angles come together. First of all, the brand. Bostik is close to its users. ‘Attached to your world’ is the pay-off that is not just a beautiful phrase, but is actually lived. Of course, the product range is also one of the important components. After all, it is the products that actually mean something in users' daily lives. And they, the prospective users, are the third component. In the brand story, these elements come together in a powerful, positioning and energetic story. ‘What do you mean in someone's life?’ - that question forms the foundation for all communication.

Besides the ‘Easy & Fun’ aspect attached to this range, sustainability is also a key message through which Bostik's products make an impact. For instance, the craft adhesives are packaged in packaging made of recycled cardboard and blisters using as little plastic as possible. In addition, these products are used for sustainable purposes. This allows tinkering with materials that would otherwise be thrown away, or repairing objects instead of throwing them away. An important message towards the end user, where the visual identity is also very important.

Introducing Tacky: "Our star is born"

Indeed, the visual aspect of communication is becoming increasingly important. We read less and less and look (and judge) faster and faster. That is why we want powerful recognisability in visual communication. With Tacky, there was a character already associated with this product range. We seized this opportunity to bring Tacky to life and make it important. As a real protagonist in a series of inspiring stop-motion animations.

Stills from the stop-motion videos

Total launch package

A launch like this requires more than just consumer-focused communication. The internal organisation and retailers are also important target groups. At gr8, we like to work from a highly integrated approach to profile brands as powerfully as possible. In this case, too, we worked from the same creative starting point for all target groups. Maximum consistency and content relevant to each target group.

We developed expressions that allow Bostik to enthusiastically embrace and promote this range in every region:

  • internal launch campaign
  • key visuals
  • animations for consumers and trade
  • web content (animations, copy, banners)
  • social media content

Images from the web content, social media and internal launch video