How 'the sportiest hotel in the Netherlands' took shape online for HUP

Carlton de Brug became HUP hotel, a big shift from traditional and comfortable to the sportiest hotel in the Netherlands. gr8 agency supported in tailoring the new identity through ATL campaigns, PR, and social content.

Think | the strategy

Each target group of HUP, and there are quite a few, has a different connection to the hotel. For example, some families mainly want a fun time with the kids, other families want to enjoy the surroundings more and the residents of Mierlo come to HUP precisely to play sports, bowl, or grill. So, all target groups cannot be captured with 1 message. This typified the content strategy for HUP: each target group got its own storyline, channels, timings, and budget.

Create | the content

The content strategy was of course leading for 'the usual suspects' of content marketing such as social media, email marketing and website content. But also in the ATL communication (TVC & radio campaign) the conceived storylines were implemented.

Publish | the result

The result? National attention, a more than successful press event with Louis van Gaal, a storm of social media reactions and a fully booked hotel during the summer. For us, however, it didn't stop with the launch of HUP. Even now, we fully support the marketing team in achieving the branding & sales objectives through content, copy and advice.

Brand movie - HUP Hotel 

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