Wave breakers: GGD West Brabant looks back on one year of corona

A special milestone was reached in March this year: the corona virus had been in our country for a year. Time to look back: news clips and quotes from press conferences, illustrated with timelines and statistics appeared in abundance in the media. But what about the people behind the measures, facts and figures?

From the GGD West-Brabant, we received the request to highlight "1 year of corona. By means of portraits of various GGD employees from the region, who behind the scenes had to invent everything under high pressure and pull out all the stops to keep the virus under control as much as possible. It was they who had to break this unexpected wave and who remained standing in the storm. They deserved a stage. That's what GGD West-Brabant wanted to capture with this film.

Christ-Jan van Dongen, Sr Communications Advisor GGD West-Brabant: "I engaged gr8 agency because I knew they had the ideal combination of substantive storytelling and a pragmatic approach. They can really turn it into a good story. And that has proven to be the case. The collaboration is professional, involved and result-oriented. With a lot of energy and respect, a beautiful film was realized at lightning speed. Exactly what I expected".

Think | the strategy

A year full of ambiguity, confusion and, above all, ignorance. It has not been an easy year for the employees of GGD West-Brabant. We know the events and figures, but how did the people who were in the middle of it experience it? We went looking for the experiences of the GGD employees and the impact it had on them. In search of their story. Storytelling at its best.

Create | the content

Every person is unique. Every story is unique. The preparation of an assignment like this is crucial. By getting to know the people, their roles, and their experiences, you can uncover the real stories and feelings. This requires attention and empathy. In a journalistic, personal way. From the way we do our job, content marketing, this is our natural way of working. And it shows during this process. Wonderful conversations, protagonists who opened up to the questions and shared their experiences and emotions with us.

Publish | the results

The end result is a document we are proud of. It is a story that touches the heart. This is also evident from the reactions of the GGD employees and others involved in combating the pandemic. We did this for them. A film that shows the human side and impact. Because we sometimes forget that....

Thank you to the filmmakers of Bureau Thousand Things. Their added value in 'capturing' the emotions was great. Thanks also to Omroep Brabant for their support. And of course, to the employees of GGD West-Brabant. Without them, this story would have been impossible.

Documentary Wave breakers