Carlton Oasis: Rebranding of iconic hotel

1 hotel, 3 worlds of experience. How do you do that?

The audience is central to every brand story. However, for not every brand, that audience is easy to name. In addition, some brands consist of several components, all with their own story. In other words, brand positioning can be challenging!

Last year, the Carlton Oasis received a major update. This thorough renovation was taken as an opportunity to create completely new experiences. About three worlds in one, challenging brand positioning and a great collaboration.

Audience groups as a starting point

Welcome to the Carlton Oasis, the iconic hotel in Spijkenisse. This hotel has long been known as a "hotel of contrasts. Between business and private, effort and relaxation, industry and nature, gray and green, hectic and quiet, day and night... Everything here crisscrosses - and that results in a very special dynamic.

The fact that the Carlton Oasis is a hotel of contrasts is also reflected in its target groups. The "hotel guest" at this hotel cannot simply be pigeonholed.

Some stay there for months at a time for work in the harbor, while others come here for a weekend exploring the island. So if you start your day with a cup of coffee and a nice breakfast buffet, you may find yourself sitting next to someone who ends his night shift with a beer.

All these different audiences require a different approach. How do you create a whole where everyone feels welcome? How do you bring all those worlds together in one overarching concept?

Three brands, one Oasis

To gr8 the question of translating these worlds into appealing brand stories and content. Under one roof here are three "brands," appealing to different people and needs. The hotel itself, a brand new hospitality concept, and the pub.

It was essential to get all these propositions in focus before starting content creation. If you skip that step, you miss the relevance for your target group. And that relevance is what every brand story is about!

The starting point: two working sessions in which we took a close look at the new Carlton Oasis.

Together, using the Brandkey, we zoomed in on the positioning of the brand and delved into the different target groups. Who are they, what do they find important, what are they looking for?

For the three 'Oasis brands' that looked as follows:

The hotel - Carlton Oasis as the overarching brand.

Both the pub and the restaurant would be provided with a very own vibe and profile - its own story. The foundation, however, remained "the Oasis": the hotel that has long been known as the trusted Oasis of Spijkenisse and the surrounding area. The Oasis itself therefore became our first stop.

The unique energy - the fact that everything crisscrosses here and it is always alive - is the 'superpower' of the Carlton Oasis. This formed the basis of the brand story and positioning. It became the 'coat hanger' and immediate challenge for the following exercises: the positioning of brand new hospitality concept ROAM and the locally world-famous Desert Inn Pub.

Carlton Oasis

ROAM - original hospitality concept

The entire first floor of the Oasis was given a completely new look. A new hospitality concept that would become much more than just a restaurant or lobby.

'ROAM' had to become a place where you can go wherever you want, according to your own rhythm and pace. You are welcome here at any time of the day. In good company or on your own. To have a nice meal, have a cup of coffee, make work meters, read a book or celebrate life.

That versatility and laissez-faire feeling were the main ingredients for the brand story and the online and offline activation strategy.

Desert Inn Pub - a local celebrity

This cozy English pub has long been the heart of the Carlton Oasis. Consequently, this place is famous locally. This made locals an important target group for this concept, in addition to hotel guests.

With a quirky makeover (a touch of eighties, a dash of Las Vegas and lots of disco balls) and new offerings of traditional and ultramodern games, the new pub is the place to have an unabashed and original good time.

And so we came up with the payoff: 'The most playful bar in town', which we used in all our communications.

Desert Inn Pub

Content creation from A to Z

From the strategy phase, in which positioning for the hotel, ROAM and the pub were built, we were allowed to let loose in content creation. For a multi-faceted concept like the Carlton Oasis, everything was pulled out of the content closet.

As a first step, we created a spot-on Tone Of Voice document, which would be the foundation for all website and campaign copy. The concepts were then brought to life in a variety of ways.

  • All photography for the pub and ROAM
  • Videography for the pub
  • Key visuals for online and offline campaigns
  • All website and campaign copy

Roam foodshoot

For the all-new website, we provided copy for all the wireframes provided, and even contributed new ideas for pages to tell the story even better. The result?

Check out the new Carlton Oasis website here.

From challenging contrasts to renewed pride

Strategic sessions, interviews, brainstorms and weekly check-ins with the marketing team: together we spent months building the positioning and story of the Carlton Oasis, the playful pub and the brand new ROAM. With a result to be proud of: the reborn Carlton Oasis is a jewel for the Carlton Hotel Collection!

As a marketer or brand builder, do you also encounter challenging contrasts within your brand? How do you bring different target groups together within one proposition? We would love to think along with you!