5 creative uses for an online magazine

  • Valerie den Ridder
  • 02 / 02 / 2023
Leestijd: 3 min

Online magazines are very diverse and can be used for multiple purposes - from inspiration to employer branding. With an online magazine, you build thought leadership, brand preference and engagement. In short: an incredibly valuable tool in your media mix. But how exactly do you use such an online magazine as an organization? We give you five examples.

The advantages of an online magazine briefly

  • 1 on 1 contact with your target groups.
  • Available 24/7 and therefore always within reach of your readers.
  • Measuring = knowing: easily measure reader usage so you can optimize where necessary.
  • Interactive and dynamic: animation, film and sound really bring the content to life.
  • Always up to date: you can always adapt the content to current events.
  • Responsive design: easy to read on any device.

1. Employer branding

You can use an online magazine for employer branding. In other words: employee engagement. With a clever traffic plan, you bring your organization to the attention of the right candidates. The magazine we produced for Kühne + Heitz, an established name in international food trading, is a good example of this. The central question here was: how can Kühne + Heitz attract more new talent (traders) and work on its employer brand? They use the magazine as a content hub: a homebase full of cool stories to which all traffic from other channels (e.g., LinkedIn) is directed. The 'food trading careers' magazine gives a feel for the Kühne + Heitz brand, its culture and most important of all: its people. The magazine consists of a mix of the brand and the organization, the work, and the people behind it.

2. Online inspiration magazine

Online magazines are not only an excellent tool to inform your target group, but also to inspire. Together with Montèl, we created an online trend guide with the latest home decoration trends. Intended to inspire still-inclined interior shoppers. The magazine shows the latest colors, styles, shapes, and prints - and explains how to apply them in your own interior. It also includes links to products so that customers can shop directly.

3. Online reisbrochure

An online travel brochure brings travel and destinations to life: rich animations and background videos really take your readers on a journey. The online magazine we created for the Carlton Hotel Collection is a great example of this. The aim: to 'warm up' the 55+ market for a stay in one of the hotels. The focus is on the type of experience someone is looking for: exploring a city, enjoying culinary delights, being active, exploring nature or just doing absolutely nothing and relaxing. Experience chosen? Then the destinations come into play: which hotel suits your needs and what are the must-do's in the area? Prefer to book directly? Of course you can!

4. Internal communication

Good internal communication is an important part of any organization. It increases productivity on the shop floor because employees feel more involved. As we work more from home, the challenge is greater to involve employees in your organization. Using the right tools is then crucial. With an online magazine, you connect employees to the company and to each other. For Bostik Global, we developed an international online magazine for employees all over the world. The online magazine must create more mutual involvement among the employees from the various countries and departments. In the magazine, they will find stories about the people, projects, developments, and innovations.

5. Interactive newsletter

Most consumers' mailboxes are flooded with commercial newsletters. How do you stand out among them? Of course, creating relevant content always comes first. Provide really good articles that are of real use to the reader. But also make sure your mailing looks good and is user-friendly. An interactive magazine lends itself perfectly to this, as John West discovered. With the John West e-news magazine, the brand keeps its retailer contacts informed of everything that is going on: product introductions, important changes and highlights of the year. The aim of the e-news: to inform, enthuse and inspire.

Want to get started with an online magazine? We would be happy to think along with you. Feel free to send an e-mail to hello@gr8.eu or call us on 076 20 59 444.