9 tips for writing social copy

  • Valerie den Ridder
  • 18 / 01 / 2022
Leestijd: 3 min

The value of good social copy is still sometimes underestimated. But right now, creating engaging content is more important than ever. Do you want to stand out from the constant stream of social media messages? Then make sure you not only have a catchy visual, but also sharp text! To give you a helping hand, we share 9 tips for writing rock-solid social copy.

1. It can be shorter!

Or: MAND! Every day, we are exposed to a huge amount of content on social media. Sometimes we can hardly see the wood for the trees. So it is extra important to stand out! You do this with short, powerful content. Short social media posts generally score better than very long ones. After all, reading long pieces of text requires too much time and energy from the reader. But what if you do want to share a longer story with your audience? Then divide your text into bite-sized pieces. For instance, work with emojis (without being overkill), bullet points or link to an article on your website. That way, you keep the consumer's attention.

2. Write actively

Write actively and avoid passive sentences. It is the secret to good flowing text. An active writing style makes texts catchy, sharp, and easy to read. You do this by putting sentences in imperative tense. This automatically shortens your sentences, which ties in nicely with the point mentioned above. The trick is to use as few auxiliary verbs as possible. These are words like become, can, have, and will. Try to avoid them as much as possible! An example:

Passive sentence: We will share all the tips in our blog.

Active sentence: We will share all the tips in our blog.

3. Use emojis, but in moderation

Emojis add sentiment to your message. They are used to reinforce a message or to create interaction with the target audience. Moreover, they are also a good tool to break up your texts. According to Media Update, emojis increase engagement on Instagram by 48%. So use them - but in moderation! - in your social copy. Generally, 1 per post is enough.

4. Don't forget the hashtags

Hashtags are also relevant for your social copy: they get you to the front of the search results. So use hashtags that match your audience's search queries. It is useful to do some keyword research beforehand. Find the right hashtags, include them in your social media copy and increase your reach this way. But avoid hashtag spam! This can reduce the readability of your post.

5. Activate the reader with a call to action

A nice running text alone is not enough. Ultimately, you want your audience to do something with your post. They often need a final push to do so. So it is important that your audience is triggered into action. After all, that is the purpose of your social media post. You do this with a call to action. Indicate what you expect them to do: respond to a question, watch a video, or click a link. This way, you lead your audience to your product or service.

Example of a call to action: More tips? Read it on our blog.

6. Keep your audience in mind

When writing relevant social copy, it is important to put yourself in your audience's shoes. Put yourself in the reader's shoes, so to speak. Ask yourself why they would read the text, what language they use and what their needs are. So it is important to get to know your target audience! Adapt your tone of voice to your target group, company, and the platform. This will put people at ease and make them feel that they have come to the right place.

7. Positive writing = positive reception

Think carefully about the wording of your sentences. Tip: opt for a positive writing style. A positive tone of voice is attractive and breaks down resistance. It also evokes positive associations with your brand. Some words have negative undertones and words like "not" and "none" will lose the attention of your target group. Of course, this does not mean that all your texts have to be positive and cheerful. It's okay to address a negative situation, but always try to turn it into a positive wording. An example:

Negatief: With a negative writing style, you will lose the attention of your target audience.

Positief: With a positive writing style, you keep your target group's attention.

8. Vary with words

A pitfall when writing social copy is repeating certain words. There are at least two other words for one word. Use synonyms to prevent people from reading the same thing three times in your text. After all, a social media post is short enough. Without variation in word choice, it quickly becomes monotonous and not engaging enough for your reader.

9. Ensure two-way traffic

An important aspect of social media - as the name suggests - is that it is social. So take a proactive stance and engage with your audience. Don't just write a post, but also make yourself heard in the comments. After all, it is not a one-way street! Listen to your followers and start conversations. That way, you create interaction and build a bond with your followers. And that is very valuable.

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