Social media management

Three insights that will help you get more out of your Instagram account

  • Amy van der Plas
  • 11 / 06 / 2020
Leestijd: 4 min

More than 4 million Dutch people have an Instagram account, of which 2.1 million also use the app daily. That's quite a lot. However, we still see some companies, brands or services struggling a bit with their Instagram content. A shame, we think! Have you also set up an Instagram account but are not yet active (enough) in posting? Three insights that will help you get more out of your Instagram account.

Tip 1. Think why!

This may seem like an open door, but it often goes wrong. Do you want to start a new account? Never start rashly. Why do you want to be present? What is your goal? In what way does presence on Instagram contribute to your marketing communication goals? Last but not least: is your target audience there? If you have answers to these, you are already well on your way. Note: "just to be present" or "because the competition is there" is NEVER the only reason to start a new channel.

Tip 2. Creating good Instagram content takes time 

We often see Facebook content given a second life on Instagram for practical reasons. This is indeed a budget-friendly solution, but does it help you achieve the goals you have set? What is the added value in your overall media mix? In other words: why would a superfan of your brand like your Facebook page and also follow your Instagram account if the same content is posted there? Instagram is a very different platform from Facebook, so it needs a different approach. On Facebook, you can often get away with designed posts. Logo in right-hand corner, text added, product photoshopped into a setting... all fine! On Instagram, it is a completely different story. There, more of a home-made look and feel is expected from you. More authenticity. Realistic photos or home-made content - that's what it's all about. In short: you have to frame your content differently and that obviously takes time!

Tip 3. Train your Instagram reflex

All well and good, but how do you fill your account with good-scoring content? Where do you find that inspiration? We can be short and sweet about that: EVERYWHERE. Behind the scenes at a shoot, with users of your product or service, in the factory or office, with your employees - maybe even during the VrijMiBo. Besides, as a company, you most likely have defined enough storylines for your content that you can turn into Instagram content. Therefore, teach yourself an Instagram reflex: "is this something for Instagram?" and "how can we make this story Instagram-specific?". It's up to you to detect and highlight the right storylines on the right channels!

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