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Pinteresting! Time to inspire the world as a business

  • Sterre Cijsouw
  • 09 / 09 / 2020
Leestijd: 5 min

Looking for inspiration for a new interior or searching for the perfect dish for dinner with your in-laws? Then Pinterest is your best friend for inspiration. But those who think Pinterest is all about pinning pictures are wrong. Most companies stick to Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn when it comes to social media. While (the underrated) Pinterest actually has a lot to offer. And the opportunities Pinterest offers continue to grow. We take you through Pinterest Wonderland and tell you why, as a business, you can no longer ignore Pinterest.

Inspiration for life  

Pinterest is, of course, the ideal place when it comes to finding images. You can think of Pinterest as a search engine in itself, so to speak. Most users search all over Pinterest when it comes to important moments in life. Celebratory birthdays, tasteful interior design tips for your new home, the perfect wedding day, great holiday ideas and finger-licking food inspiration. You name it and it's on Pinterest.

As a brand, you can be the meaningful inspiration in the lives of these pinners. A great opportunity when it comes to gaining fans for your brand. Extra nice: this is the only social medium where organic reach is high. In addition, pinners easily get to your website since a link can be placed behind every photo.

Shop until you drop

Of course, we all shop online, but have you ever bought something via Pinterest? Worldwide, 80% of all Pinterest users have made a purchase via Pinterest. Recently, the new shopping feature was also rolled out in the Netherlands. In Pinterest's search function, it is possible to filter by product pins. 

Another great opportunity for both small and large retailers. For now, most of the content is not branded but with this new functionality, Pinterest will move towards that. Indeed, Pinterest statistics have shown that users are more willing to visit a brand's shop they have discovered through Pinterest than through any other social media platform. In doing so, so are also willing to spend more money compared to people who do not use Pinterest. 


Since April last year, it has been possible to advertise via Pinterest. The advantage of advertising on Pinterest is not only the low costs, but also that there are various targeting options to reach the target group even better. The advertising possibilities are numerous. For instance, you can use it as a standard pin, which comes up on category pages, certain search terms or with a target group that has been targeted. It is also possible to place video pins, carousels, and sponsored app pins.

Tip: good to know when getting started with advertising on Pinterest: stand out with your pins and value quality. This is because both the content and the visual pin itself determine the value that influences effectiveness and visibility. 

Is Pinterest right for your product or service?

That depends a lot on how visual your brand or organization is. In addition, it is also important to know who your target audience is and whether this matches the users of Pinterest. In short: can you reach your intended target group, and can you wrap your message in beautiful visuals? Then Pinterest may be the way to go.

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P.s. We are definitely following Pinterest closely. Stories for Pinterest will be rolled out soon. We keep you posted!