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Welcome Reels, bye bye TikTok

  • Sterre Cijsouw
  • 26 / 08 / 2020
Leestijd: 4 min

It seemed like perfect timing: Trump threatening to ban TikTok and Instagram launching the new feature Reels. And recently this new feature has also become available in the Netherlands. Reels allows users to record, edit and add effects and music to short videos. You then share the videos on your Instagram profile or in your Stories. At first glance, there are many comparisons between Instagram Reels and TikTok, but there are certainly some small nuances. One thing is clear the competition between TikTok and Facebook is on

Instagram Reels in a nutshell

Like TikTok, Instagrammers can record short videos, edit them, and add music and effects to them. Whereas TikTok allows users to create 60-second videos, Instagram does things a little differently. An Instagram Reel lasts no longer than 15 seconds. Users can only see Reels passing by in their timeline from people they follow. In the Reels Explore section itself, you can see Reels from popular and trending accounts. The exact algorithm behind Instagram Reels has not yet been unlocked but it will be similar to that of TikTok. Here, the accounts you follow, the content you interact with, and your location are a key source for the content you are presented with.

Businesses and Instagram Reels

Businesses also have the opportunity to unleash their creative brains on Instagram's new feature. Reels are the way to build a community and increase reach. For example, the number of followers can increase when a Reel lands in the Explorer page. Instagram Reels allow businesses to create engaging and authentic content easily and quickly. This is partly because of the music and effects that can be added.

The perfect picture that constantly passes by on our timeline is a thing of the past when using Instagram Reels. This also means that businesses need to take a different approach to their content creation. Indeed, embracing human imperfections is a plus when it comes to building a community.

What is Next

As a business, it is smart to get on the Instagram Reels train now. Especially now that competition from other companies is still low. Influencers and brands are already taking the first steps to promote products. Chances are, what are we saying, it's huge that brands will partner with influencers to create promoted Instagram Reels. Instagram itself will keep expanding features in the coming period. Think shop stickers and swipe-up links, for example, which can now be used for Instagram Stories. We certainly don't rule out the arrival to place ads between Instagram Reels either. One thing is for sure: there is a great opportunity for companies, brands and services that can make their creative mark with this.