Brand story FC Utrecht, a club at heart

At gr8 agency we love sports. The magic of winning and losing. The inexplicable club love. The enormous power to tell stories. Usually, we work on behalf of sponsors/partners of the clubs. But every now and then we are also employed by the sports club itself. For example, in this case. When FC Utrecht asked us to look for the story behind the club.

Think | the strategy

You don't just write a brand story from the gut. You substantiate it with research. Field research in this case. We locked ourselves away in the Galgenwaard for a few days. Or as they say in Utrecht: the most beautiful place on earth. We spoke with a broad representation of the club. From owner to trainer. From supporters’ association to CSR officer. After all these conversations and the necessary information about the club's history, we were convinced. This is a club from the heart. Whether it is the players, the staff, or the office workers, you work here because you belong here. You are a fan or sponsor of this club because you want to be. From the heart. We wrote the "manifesto. The guiding principle for FC Utrecht's thoughts and actions. A motto that gives direction. It hangs at the entrance to the office. And not just to be pretty there. You'll also see these words reflected in FC Utrecht's campaigns and actions. Because being and building a strong brand does start with the brand story. But what you actually do next is always a story that confirms your brand. And that's how you find and bind fans. Consistent, attractive, and distinctive.