Content for the national launch of Servero 100% Applesauce

From brand story to 100% Apple Quiz: how in less than six months we put the Servero brand on the map, reached an audience of millions with cool social content and claimed the domain 'apples' for Servero 100% Applesauce.

Think | the strategy

Servero 100% Applesauce is the applesauce that does things just a little bit different than traditional applesauce. This applesauce is heated for less time which preserves the taste of apples and does not need to add sugar. That, of course, is a powerful story that deserves to be told. From this strong product-intrinsic basis gr8 agency wrote a brand story for Servero. This became the thread of the brand and communication. Or well, one story... We initially made three! These stories were extensively tested during market research. This way we knew for sure that the chosen direction matched the interests of the target group.

Create | the content

For the creation of the campaigns, we used different types of content:

  • HERO content to support the national TV campaigns for flight 1.
  • Social only HERO campaign with the 100% apple quiz.
  • Targeted HUB campaign with recognizable moments of the target group in the kitchen
  • HYGIENE content with facts, recipes, and tips

Publish | the result

What was the result? With the various phases and content types on Facebook alone, we reached more than 5.7 million people and generated more than 7 million impressions. Also, Facebook and YouTube together provided more than 3.2 million video views. In addition, the Servero 100% Applesauce flies like hot cakes over the counter. In short, Servero 100% Applesauce is not only on the menu, but also on the dinner table!

The Servero 100% apple quiz