Making a name for yourself with the sponsorship of the Wooning Six Days

Sponsoring an event or competition can be an excellent way to build brand awareness. Wooning Keukens en Badkamers has opted for a long-term partnership with the Six Days of Rotterdam. But the partnership is only the beginning. Communication and activation must then provide the real awareness and experience. We have been doing this for the WooningZesdaagse for several years now.

Think | the strategy

A successful partnership to build a brand is not a one-day event. It takes time. It allows the partners to grow towards each other and get the most out of it together. For the sponsor, it also means that communication goals can evolve throughout the partnership. Often it starts with building awareness. Once that is in place, it becomes more about appreciation, perception,and interaction. This evolution also applied to the Wooning Six Days. Over the years, we created content from different objectives and perspectives. First to claim a credible role as sponsor, then to generate more interest in the Wooning brand and the kitchens and bathrooms.

Create | the content

Despite the shift in objectives and evolution of the event, the content had to maintain the same character throughout the years. The Rotterdam heritage is essential in this. After all, the Six Days is Rotterdam and Wooning is the specialist in the region. Over the years we have created a wide range of content with a Rotterdam touch. A selection: 

  • Announcement of naming sponsorship
  • The Wooning Six-Day Trophy
  • Interview series 'At the kitchen table with...'.
  • Activation Jan Janssen

Production: GIG / Images: GIG - ANP / Concept: gr8 agency
Production: Paul Barendregt / Concept: gr8 agency
Production: GIG creative film / Concept: gr8 agency / In collaboration with Jan Janssen Individual Bikes
Production: Dennis Nederlof

Publish | the result

The power of a sponsorship lies largely in the fan base of the team, the competition or, in this case, the event. Through the sporting event, Wooning not only wants to derive (brand) values, it also wants to reach and activate the public. That means using each other's channels and reinforcing each other. That way you can greatly increase the reach and win fans for your brand. In the case of the Wooning Zesdaagse, the focus of the channels was on social media. Research has shown that the Six Days sponsorship has contributed significantly to the increase in brand awareness of Wooning. The role of content undoubtedly played an important part in this.