Aegon brings in talent with content marketing

Organizations that use employer branding to build and communicate their brand create a head start in the labor market. As an organization/brand, you also need a good story towards (potential) employees. This case for Aegon illustrates our content marketing approach to employer branding. Searching for what interests and moves your target group. And then turning that into a gr8 story.

Think | the strategy

Aegon is one of the most progressive financials in the Netherlands. And, like most other companies in ict, looking for up-and-coming talent. Students who will start their career at Aegon after their studies. To interest these graduates in Aegon, you not only need a strong content program. You'll also need to appeal to students in the right way. But with what story can you reach these near graduates? What captivates them? Because telling them that we, Aegon, consider ourselves so good is completely implausible. 

We found the clue to students in an existing Aegon partnership. Aegon has been the main sponsor of the Royal Dutch Rowing Association for many years. A sport that plays a role in many students' lives. With the associations of rowing, we show that Aegon is looking for people who want to get ahead. Who want to win. Who work hard to achieve success. Because that's exactly what today's young people want. To be part of a progressive and winning team.

Create | the content

After a number of interviews with, among others, former Olympic rowers, we knew it. The start of a rowing race is crucial. Once you make a difference right out of the starting blocks, you have the advantage for the rest of the race. You simply start with an advantage over the rest. A head start that Aegon also offers to students starting one of its traineeships or internships after university. That edge is exactly what students want.

Aegon is looking for starters who want to get off to a flying start. We developed a film and various tools to activate the concept during events and in the media. We even came up with a new function within Aegon: the start-up coach. In this way, we ensure that Aegon offers students a surprising and relevant way to get a job and an energetic start at Aegon.

Publish | the result

Aegon's efforts to find the best starters were not limited to online media. This campaign also became a familiar sight at the various rowing competitions. That is the beauty of a strong and recognizable concept: it can be applied effortlessly in all kinds of channels and media.

AEGON - #voortvarendvanstart