Wooning inspires with online magazines

To give the slogan "Make your home a Wooning" more depth in content, we launched at the beginning of 2020 not one, not two, but three online magazines based on key retail themes.

Think | the strategy

How can we turn retail communication into something inspiring that engages the target audience without losing sight of our commercial goal? It was with this challenge that Wooning approached gr8 agency. With the target group's content needs in mind, we immediately rolled up our sleeves to create 3 online magazines.

Create | the content

Let's get to work! We explored the themes of kitchen and bathroom trends, built-in appliances and bathroom accessories, countertops, and tile floors in depth, wrote copy and created enough content for six months in three half-days of production. See here the three digital magazines full of bathroom & kitchen inspiration with the "don't-do-but-brush" slant of Rotterdam-based Wooning.

Publish | the result

The target group was definitely engaged! Each visitor browsed up to 5 pages per magazine per session and that accounted for approximately one to one and a half minutes of time spent. Valuable time spent by the target group with Wooning. The videos & articles also scored well on social media as traffic drivers. With a total cost of €0.20 - €0.28 cents per click and a CPM of €2.80, we managed to entice many people to read more about the various retail topics with a small social advertising budget.